Ronaldinho: when he scored 23 goals in a game

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 The Brazilian World Cup winner Ronaldinho has retired from football, his brother and agent Roberto Assis has confirmed. The 38-year-old, who also won the Champions League and Ballon d’Or in a glittering career, has not played for a professional team since leaving Fluminense in 2015. Last July, Ronaldinho said on the sidelines of a friendly in Chechnya that was he was “too old” to return to action.

Dinho’s versatility meant he excelled as an attacking midfielder, winger and forward throughout his career. He began with Grêmio in his home country, before moving to Europe with Paris Saint-Germain and becoming a legend playing for FC Barcelona.

His incredible skills caught the attention of the media when he was just a kid. After completing an awesome performance in a football match, Brazilian people knew about their new wonder boy.

 The tale of Ronaldinho scoring 23 goals in a single game as a 13-year-old offers us a small account of Ronaldinho’s absurd brilliance. While other stories of this nature would be immediately classified as skeptical at best, Ronaldinho’s legend demands our trust. Of course he accomplished this feat, he’s Ronaldinho Gaucho, the 2005 Ballon d’Or winner.

Speaking with FourFourTwo’s Mauricio Savarese, Ronnie confirmed the feat: “I did, but those kids were terrible! They only played in physical education class, for fun. But I was already in a youth team, which explains a lot. It was in fifth grade and it was never that easy again. I should say that this was earlier than when you see me in those ads as a kid playing futsal. That came later. Against proper opposition”, he said. What a tale; what a terrific footballer!

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