Ronaldinho: “Only aliens could have beaten Messi and me”

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Brazilian legend Ronaldinho has always shown a great mood. The always-smiling footballer is known for his humorous answers when giving interviews. And in one of his best answers ever, he said that if he and Lionel Messi would have played together in their prime, nobody on Earth could have beaten them.

Only aliens could have beaten us,” he told Cadena SER as reported by Spanish newspaper AS. “He [Messi] is the best in history, no doubt”, said Ronaldinho. “Nobody has done what Messi’s done. I hope he plays 20 more years. Those who love football would love to have him here [Barcelona] for much longer. I think when he leaves, nobody will be able to take the No 10 of Leo. For me it’s not a question over who is more complete, it’s a question of taste”, the 38-year-old Brazilian explained.

O Fenomeno’ also remembered his best moments in Barcelona, including his first match: “I remember my first goal, it was very special. I don’t remember what we did after the game, it finished very late and I think we went home”.“That’s where a very happy era started”, he added. “We have much fun inside and outside the field. I think everybody has a different life philosophy and I had it clear that I wanted to have fun”.

Moreover, Ronaldinho has named Barcelona star, Philippe Coutinho as one of the players he wished he had opportunity to play with. “Coutinho is one of them. Iniesta and him are great players. They each have their own style, but I think the Coutinho will be one of the big names in world football. He already is, but I think that he will be more still”, the Brazilian star has revealed. “I would have loved to play in Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona”, Dinho concluded.