BMX vs football: a hot challenge by Jason Phelan

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Well-known extreme sport athlete and BMX rider Jason Phelan and his friends decided to test how compatible football and cycling are with one another. So, they picked up a football ball, got on their bikes, and started to train. The challenge was recorded at Unit 23 Skatepark, an awesome extreme sports venue located near Glasgow (Scotland).

I can imagine a few of these shots took a few minutes but it’s still pretty funny. Just think, if that was an actual football player trying to do this we would still be in a time out while he cries about crashing. Copa90 crew and Mr Phelan did a fantastic job scoring some goals out there.

Jason grew up riding bikes, skateboarding and doing other crazy Jackass-style stuff with his brothers in Waterford (Ireland). His grandfather had a farm house with a motocross track on the land, so he spent much of his early days building dirt jumps and sending himself off drops and bumps. When he wasn’t at the farm, he was out with his friends causing havoc around the city in search of abandoned buildings and spots to build ramps in.

In 2005, he moved to Liverpool in search of fame and fortune and soon enough the sponsorship and travel opportunities were arriving thick and fast, including a first class trip to China with Nike. Other countries visited in recent years include Germany, France, Estonia, South Africa, Spain, Bulgaria, USA, and many more.

Jason is undoubtedly one of today’s true BMX riding machines, always pushing himself to the limit and going for the highest and craziest moves with fearless enthusiasm. However, his brutal, full-throttle riding style sometimes gets him into difficulties – in 2013, he broke two ribs when attempting to do a backflip out of a self-built rail. For sure, he’s enough skilled to play the beautiful game while he rides.

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